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We Are WayBetter
We believe that reaching your goals should be fun, and rewarding in more ways than one. That's why we've reinvented motivation, with games that turn your life challenges into ways you can get paid for having fun.
The WayBetter Way
It all started with a group of friends, an office weight-loss contest, and the remarkable sense of camaraderie that came from a group of people striving for the same goal together. From there, our CEO Jamie started WayBetter so people could accomplish anything through gamifying any goal they’ve set their mind to. It’s all part of our favorite Fun Theory: Life is better when you can turn work into play. #LiveWayBetter
"I was a player before I had the opportunity to become a Referee. I love working for a company that lets me work with people who are on the same journey for a better self. We have a wonderful, supportive community and I’m proud to be a part of it!"

WayBetter Game Referee Beth
Our referees
What makes WayBetter special? People helping...well, people. It’s that simple. Community is at the core of our games, and our unique approach to customer support. That’s why we hired from within to create our amazing team of WayBetter Referees — real people with real game experience because they started out as players themselves! Our Referees know what it takes to go on this journey, and they’re here to help every player make it there.
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"I love to see others make progress and to play a part in helping people meet their goals."


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"It’s rewarding to see our players succeed. When they struggle, I like to do what I can to make the process a bit easier. I love being a Ref."


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"I love getting to see others making positive changes in their lives."


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"We give our players the kind of support that only humans can give"

Jamie Rosen, CEO
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