Social games for healthy habits
Beyond diets. Beyond the scale.
WayBetter is a behavior change company that’s reimagining weight management. In our view, people have enough information. What we really need is more fun, social support, and motivation.
Welcome to The WayBetter Way™
Psychology. Neuroscience. Behavioral Economics. We’ve spent 10 years developing novel game mechanics, social support, and accountability mechanisms. The results are astounding.

The WayBetter Way™

The old paradigm of lifestyle change is based on suffering. “No pain, no gain.” It works for a while but then we get sick of it. See the difference when you make adopting a healthier lifestyle fun and social.

How It Works

Come for the games. Stay for the goalfriends who hold you accountable.

Fun can change human behavior for the better

— Kevin Richardson, winner of the Volkswagen Fun Theory Award

Ten years ago a toy inventor created a gamified platform to make it fun to adopt healthy habits.

He imagined a world where it’s enjoyable to exercise, eat better, quit smoking, etc. Where work is play and friendly strangers inspire you.

50 employees later. 14 million pounds lost. 1.3 million players. A $1M NIH research grant. WayBetter isn’t just a company … it’s a movement to bring people together to support each other, have fun, and live better.


Company Values

Our values guide us as we make decisions about how we interact with each other, how we create our product, and how we treat our customers. While our values stem from the company our founder envisioned, our team has been integral in defining and creating how we exhibit, recognize, and celebrate these values. For us, these aren't just words on a website. It's how we strive to operate.

Efficacy is our Beacon

As we face decisions on what to build let’s step back and ask ourselves a simple question: what's best for our users? What will be conducive to their long-term success, their health and happiness? Answer this honestly without regard to our convenience or short-term business opportunities and you have your answer! The long-term success of our customers will lead inexorably to the long-term success of our business. The weight loss industry especially is full of companies that prioritize quick fixes over true, sustainable solutions. The enduring merit of our business will come (only) from helping people in a sustainable way. This is also a guiding principle for how we work together as a company: minimize red tape, focus on outcomes over outputs, on long-term solutions over quick fixes, and by always asking how we can maximize our impact.

Make it Fun

Humans love to play. Games are the oldest form of social interaction and span all cultures. Since we all instinctively gravitate towards fun and away from work, it’s a neat trick if you can take something hard and make it feel fun. This is our art. We take the difficult journey of adopting healthy behaviors and reframe it as a social game. As players achieve microgoals along the way, they build confidence and momentum: it’s a marvelous cycle! This trick also applies to our company culture, where designing for fun makes our jobs more enjoyable and sustainable.

Obsess over results

We care about results. In our games, the goals and deadlines are always clear, players commit, and we verify. Internally we do this with OKRs: we set goals and dates, track progress, review results, and celebrate when we’ve succeeded. We believe people appreciate the healthy pressure of being pushed and thrive in environments with clear goals, accountability, and rewards.

Embrace being human

Would we all eat cleaner, exercise more, sleep better, and feel less stressed if we only had the 100th generation Apple Watch? In the world of behavior-change, tech companies love to use sensors, devices, and data to nudge behaviors. To us, this misses the point. Most of the time we know what we’re supposed to do … we just don’t do it! The key to living better isn’t more data but to embrace that we’re social creatures. We humans love to share experiences, have fun together, and feel a sense of belonging, especially among people who can relate to us because they’re going through similar challenges. We believe the world needs more healthy, honest places to connect without the toxicity of social media. That doesn’t exist today so we’re inventing it: a safe, goal-oriented social community that’s positive and open, full of empathy, compassion, support, and inspiration. Internally, we understand we are all human. We have good days, bad days, great times and hard times. We support each other as we move through life together.

Commit to Be a Force for Good in the World

This goes beyond just making products that improve people’s lives. It goes beyond treating our customers, employees, investors, and partners ethically and with respect. It extends to our communities and to the world at large. Every person and organization has a sphere of influence in this world. And as our influence grows, we will use that influence to increase opportunities where everyone, regardless of background, can thrive as part of the uplifting communities we are creating.

Succeeding = Believing

When you’re trying to do something bold there will always be skeptics and obstacles in your way (including sometimes yourself!). Overcoming them requires grit and resilience and a stalwart belief that you can and will succeed. But where does this belief come from? If it’s blind faith you’re being naive. A realistic, honest belief in yourself comes from having had success. Nothing breeds confidence like accomplishments. That’s why we love the equation Succeeding = Believing. The equals sign is important because it flows both ways, back and forth. You succeed a little and you believe more. You believe more so you succeed more. This virtuous cycle, fueled by optimism but grounded in reality, is the essence of WayBetter. This applies to our players but also to ourselves as a startup setting out to do something so preposterously ambitious as to believe that we can spread health and happiness around the world with social games.

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