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Before and after cell phone image of Lexi Reed.

Lexi Reed changes lives

Since 2016, Lexi (@FatGirlFedUp) has lost nearly 2x the equivalent of the average American woman’s weight. Her Kickstarter will leave you inspired all year long.

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How to play

How To Play - Three women sitting and encouraging each other

Choose your goal

Lose a little or a lot. Find a game that matches your weight loss goals.

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Bet on yourself

Place your bet, do your first weigh in, and get ready to commit to change.

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Lose weight

Shed the pounds. Make it happen by weighing in regularly and getting support from the game community.

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Winners cash out

Enjoy the new you. Do your final weigh-in and if you hit your goal, win back your bet plus a profit!

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It works!

10,000,000pounds lost
$50,000,000paid to winners